Endorsement for Research Activities


This is a policy document for the processing of requests for endorsement of research activity by the Research Committee of the World Stroke Organization.

Requests for endorsement are to be forwarded to the WSO Head office.

To be eligible for consideration of the Research Committee the following criteria must be met:

  1. An applicant must be a WSO member
  2. The study, project or activity must be in line with the objectives of the World Stroke Organization and be of a scope that has the potential for considerable national or global impact

The additional criteria below will also be assessed as part of the application process:

  1. If the study is a trial or extended review, the study must be registered on an internationally accessible trial or study registry (number provided)
  2. The study, project or activity must be academic/non-commercial.
  3. The study has been approved by an Ethical Review Board (attach evidence of approval)
  4. A published protocol (either web or in a journal) will be considered favourably.

The chair or co-chair of the Research Committee will review the application to ensure that the study fulfils the screening requirements. If so, the application will be submitted to the Research Committee Endorsement Group who will review the research proposal. The summary review will be briefly presented and discussed at the Research Meeting. If there is a consensus view that the study should be endorsed this recommendation will be submitted to the WSO Executive Committee for ratification.

If ratified by the WSO Executive Committee, the study endorsement signed by the WSO President and/or their representative with the following standard text:

“Thank you for submitting your application for endorsement of the World Stroke Organisation (WSO). The WSO Research Committee have reviewed your proposal. We are pleased to inform you that your application has been deemed eligible for WSO support. This allows the applicant to utilize the WSO logo on their study website, on study protocols with the compulsory text:

“The WSO endorses the goals of this research study/project/activity (insert) which are consistent with the mission of the WSO.”

Please note that the WSO does not directly fund research, and no financial assistance can be provided to support projects endorsed by the WSO.

Applicants responsibility

For endorsed research projects or studies, as part of the endorsement process, the applicant must agree to provide to the WSO an update of study progress every 2 years. Upon completion of the study, we require the applicant to submit a short (half-page) report of the study or activity results to the WSO Research Committee with recommendations for practice and future research.

Application Template