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  • The Mexico Declaration

    The Mexico Declaration  Improving Circulatory Health for All People                                                                                                                  The Mexico Declaration for Circulatory Health brings together global health organisations committed to improving circulatory health and reducing deaths and disability from heart disease and strokes around the world. Those diseases presently represent the biggest health burden world-wide, accounting for over 17 million deaths every year. We are united around existing global strategies and targets to reduce the burden of heart disease and strokes. We are committed to achieving the World Health Organization (WHO) “25 by 25” non-communicable disease (NCD) targets, and the United Nation’s NCD-related Sustainable Development Goals, based on known, effective and affordable interventions for secondary prevention, primary prevention and primordial prevention in populations. As heart disease and strokes make up half of all NCD deaths, our efforts through working together as the international cardiovascular community are central to more  
  • World Stroke Organization and Medtronic Collaborate to Increase Stroke Awareness

    The World Stroke Organization (WSO) today announced a global partnership with Medtronic plc (NYSE:MDT) to increase stroke awareness through several initiatives. The two organizations will work together to educate, raise awareness and support effective management of patients who have strokes The partnership, announced at the 2016 Annual Scientific Session of the Chinese Stroke Association (CSA) and Tiantan International Stroke Conference (TISC) in Beijing, will focus on continued growth of stroke awareness through the Stroke is Treatable World Stroke Day campaign; implementation of the WSO’s new global stroke services guidelines: The Roadmap to Delivering Quality Stroke Care; and, supporting WSO’s global clinical educational programs including the World Stroke Academy and teaching courses.  Read more
  • WSO's strategy

    Since September last year the Executive and Board of WSO have been working on the development of a strategy for WSO. Please click here to download a concise version of the strategy which highlights out vision, mission, direction towards 2020 and WSO's overarching priorities.
  • WSO Annual Report 2015

    The WSO Annual Report 2015 is now online, please click here to view it. 

wso play The World Stroke Academy (WSA) is a elearning portal for the World Stroke Organization (WSO). it provides stroke information on a dynamic, and award-winning online, elearning platform for healthcare professionals with an aim to alleviate the global burden of stroke through the education of stroke practitioners worldwide.
The World Stroke Campaign (WSC) provides education and support for stroke survivors, families and healthcare professional involved in stroke treatment, management and rehabilitation. The primary focus of the WSC is the annual World Stroke Day (WSD), promoting stroke awareness to the international community and working towards pushing stroke to the forefront of the global health agenda.
Hyderabad thumnail Hyderabad, India, October 26- 29, 2016
Through its biennial congresses, the World Stroke Organization (WSO) strives to offer participants opportunities to refine their skills and knowledge in the field of stroke, as well as providing excellent networking opportunities and strengthening scientific collaborations to improve the care of stroke victims throughout the world.
IJS frontcover thumbnail
The International Journal of Stroke (IJS) is the flagship publication of the World Stroke Organization (WSO) and publishes high quality research articles, reviews and clinical trial protocols from around the world. IJS is dedicated to building a global stroke community, making it a global voice for stroke research and an excellent platform for sharing international stroke research.
Stay connected with us through Twitter, the WSO blog, and YouTube!

Following the success of the stroke art exhbition at the last World Stroke Congress in Istabul, we are planning a similar event for hobbies to be on display at the next congress in Hyderabad in October 2016. To learn more



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