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Urvashy Gopaul

Urvashy Gopaul

Senior lecturer
Stroke rehabilitation

Member Bio

Dr Urvashy Gopaul is a full time academic lecturer at the University of Mauritius and a conjoint fellow at the University of Newcastle (Australia). Urvashy is a qualified physiotherapist and specialises with a Master of Science in Neurorehabilitation Physiotherapy (University of Nottingham, UK). Recently, she has been awarded a PhD in Physiotherapy focusing on upper limb rehabilitation after stroke (University of Newcastle, Australia). In line with being a Chevening alumni,

Urvashy is also programme leader in the field of physiotherapy education in Mauritius. Urvashy has strong research interests in improving current healthcare practices in the clinical management of stroke in Mauritius. As an early career researcher, Urvashy has growing track record of funding and is gradually establishing a strong and consistent record of publications in stroke management and rehabilitation. In her various roles as a health professional educator, researcher and clinician, Urvashy actively participates in community outreach events to advocate for stroke prevention strategies and evidence-based stroke rehabilitation in Mauritius and Africa. She is currently involved in research collaborations across various disciplines including medicine, health sciences and public health issues.

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