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Teresa  Ullberg

Teresa Ullberg

Senior consultant and associate professor of neurology

Member Bio

I grew up in northern Sweden but chose to study medicine at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. In medical school I had the opportunity to work in a neurology department. Instantly fascinated by stroke medicine I decided to become a neurologist. Later, in tandem with my neurology residency, I completed my PhD thesis “Perspectives on post-stroke care and outcomes” in 2016. Since 2017 I have worked as a neurologist, with a particular interest in vascular neurology. I am sub-specialized in interventional neurology and currently hold a position as a senior consultant vascular neurologist at Skåne University Hospital. I teach neurology to medical students, and frequently give lectures on stroke in Sweden and internationally.

I am an associate professor of neurology at Lund University. Recently I became head of the Stroke, Policy and Quality-Register Research Group, taking over from my mentor Professor Bo Norrving who has successfully led the group for many years. Together we supervise several PhD students on clinical stroke research projects, including management of patients with severe intracerebral hemorrhage, anticoagulant-related intracerebral hemorrhage, and automated evaluation of volume and other metrics of intracerebral hemorrhage. Other projects relate to Swedish register data on endovascular therapy. A study on climate effects on stroke is in the advanced planning stage.

My experience working with stroke policy questions locally and on a national level in Sweden sparked my passionate interest in global stroke issues. I look forward to increasing my knowledge about global aspects of stroke, improving my skills in stroke advocacy and policy making, and learning more about the strategic goals set by the World Stroke Organisation and how to achieve them in different parts of the world. Global aspects of life after stroke, and the perspectives of patients and their families or caregivers, are issues that deeply engage me and I am eager to learn more about them.

When not working, I enjoy reading, hiking in the mountains or forests, and spending time with family and friends.

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