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My name is Pablo Amaya, I was born in Bogotá (Colombia) in 1982, I am 37 years old, single. In 2005 I received my medical degree from the Medicine School of the Universidad del Rosario in Bogotá, and in 2012 I completed my neurology residency at the Fundación Cardioinfantil University Hospital affiliated with the Universidad del Rosario, in 2017 I became a stroke fellow in the National Institute of Neurology and Neurosurgery in Mexico City. Since April 2012, I have been working as a neurologist at the Fundación Valle del Lili University Hospital (Cali, Colombia) and at the Icesi University School of Medicine as an associate professor. After my return from stroke training, I started the stroke program at my hospital.

I am currently the coordinator of the cerebrovascular disease committee of the Colombian Neurology Association, a member of a non-profit organization called the Colombian Stroke Accident Network (RECAVAR), co-founder of the Cali Stroke Network and since 2018 a member of the World Organization for Stroke.

I participated in 10 publications on cerebrovascular diseases and obtained second place in oral presentations at the AMEVASC (Stroke Mexican Association) congress in 2017 and recently at the Paul Dudley White Award for the best international summary at the Stroke 2020 International Congress as a participant from Latin America. Stroke Registry (LASE).

My primary interests are community stroke education, regional care network development, stroke prevention, telemedicine, and research as a member of the Latin American Stroke Registry and principal investigator of the Reactive study (registry of strokes in my hospital), the RES-Q registry and the IMPROVE international protocol for patients with stroke and patent foramen oval.

My hobby is theatre as an amateur actor.

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