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Marina Charalambous

Marina Charalambous

Stroke Aphasia Clinician and Researcher
Speech and Language Therapy

Member Bio

Marina Charalambous has qualified as a speech and language therapist from City University London and has been practicing in neurological rehabilitation for the past 18 years. She has trained in Advanced Adult Dysphagia at University College London and the Fiberoptic Endoscopic Esophageal Swallowing (FEES) at Boston Medicine School, Boston University USA. In 2018, Marina was appointed as an expert scientist at the rehabilitation sciences department of the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT), where she has established the adult neuro clinic for communication impairments. Marina runs weekly aphasia communication groups for stroke survivors while researching on stroke aphasia via TACT (The Aphasia Communication Team). She is a member of the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists (RCSLT) UK and the Cyprus Association of Speech and Language Pathologists. Since November 2020 she holds a position at the Board of the International Aphasia Association.

Marina is the founder of the Cyprus Stroke Association (CSA), a stroke support organization, and she is currently the president of the Board. In December 2018, Marina was elected as the Secretary of the Board at Stroke Alliance for Europe (SAFE). Marina is a member of the Word Stroke Organisation (WSO) and via her membership, she organises and participates in the World Stroke campaign with annual stroke awareness activities in Cyprus.

Marina works as a Researcher in two Stroke related research European Programs: the “Assessment of Post-Stroke Aphasia for Rehabilitation Research” (ASPIRE) EXCELLENCE/1216/0517 and the Erasmus + project “i-Train, Mobile Digital Training for Direct Care Workers Dealing with Stroke Survivors” 2019-1-CY01-KA202-058338. Being a clinician, a scientist, an activist and a researcher in Stroke, resulted naturally her transition to a PhD in Medical Sciences, at the Laboratory of Cognitive and Neurological Sciences of the University of Fribourg, in Switzerland, exploring the Communication Quality in Stroke Aphasia, under the supervision of Professor of Neurology Jean-Marie Annoni (MD).

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