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Anastasia Rossouw

Anastasia Rossouw

Neurologist/ Researcher
South Africa

Member Bio

I have a broad background in the field of neurology with a particular interest in integrated stroke care management; this has also been my field of research for the last 6 years with a particular focus in improving stroke care in under-resourced settings, through the development of a data registry (current focus of doctoral study), the establishment of hyperacute, acute and post-acute care units across the Eastern Cape Province and the development of standard operating procedures across the stroke care pathway with training modules relevant stakeholders. With the province lacking in persistent research outputs, predominantly due to a lack of skilled research support and an established university infrastructure, I attended (and continue to do so on a biannual basis) the modular course provided by the African Doctoral Academy at Stellenbosch University to enhance and sharpen my skills in research methodologies; I have also successfully completed an Advanced Health Management certificate co-accredited with Yale University (cum laude) and is well equipped to development, establish and evaluate health systems. I have the expertise, the enthusiasm, intrinsic drive and energy an ever willing disposition to learn and progress and an academic rigour and scholarship to progress the field of research. More importantly, I complete whatever I set my mind to. 

National activities and collaborations: 

1. Task team member: National Angels Committee, South Africa. 

2. Principal site coordinator: RES-Q stroke registry, Eastern Cape, South Africa 

3. Principal investigator: Quality improvement of stroke through the development, implementation and evaluation of integrated stroke care pathways, including the development of a data quality framework for a hospital-based registry, a pilot study which has been supported by a 3-year South African Medical Research Council Pilot Grant in collaboration with Walter Sisulu University. It forms part of the preamble to my proposed doctoral studies. Publications currently in progress are: 

a) Rossouw C Anastasia, Grimmer K, Louw Q. Stroke care services in an under-resourced setting: factors influencing the collection of routine stroke quality of care data. J of Evaluation in Clin Practice (manuscript in progress) 

b) Rossouw C Anastasia, Langhorne P. Establishment of ‘mobile stroke unit’ in an under-resourced setting improves stroke outcomes. Cerebrovasc Disease (manuscript in progress) 

c) Rossouw C Anastasia, Mikulik P. Hyperacute stroke care services in an under-resourced setting: Lessons learnt from an action research process. South Afr Med J (manuscript in progress) 

International activities and collaborations: 

1. Country representative for Organized Stroke Care Across Income Levels (OSCAIL) pilot study group (international, multisite collaboration) for the improvement of stroke care services in under resourced settings: South Africa, Glascow, Scotland, Canada, Uganda, Rwanda and USA 

2. Country representative for Quality in Acute Stroke Care (QASC) study, Australia (current collaboration initiative underway) 

Conference proceedings and presentations include: 

a) Rossouw AC1 Stroke care services across South Africa, Asian Pacific Stroke Congress, Phillipines. September 2019 

b) Rossouw AC Chair: World Stroke Congress, Montreal Canada. October 2018 

c) Rossouw AC1 Establishment of a mobile stroke unit improves stroke outcomes in an under resourced setting, World Stroke Congress, Montreal Canada. October 2018 

d) Rossouw AC1 Improving acute stroke care services in South Africa, World Stroke Congress, Montreal Canada. October 2018 

e) Rossouw AC Attendee: European Stroke Organisation’s Summer School, Berlin Germany. September 2018 

f) Rossouw AC Coordinator: Angels Initiative Roadshow, East London. September 2018 

g) Rossouw AC Chair: South African Heart and Stroke Congress, Cape Town. September 2018 

h) Rossouw AC Chair: Angels Initiative Congress, Gauteng. November 2017 

i) Rossouw AC1 Integrated stroke care pathway: Is it possible? South African Medical Association Conference, Gauteng. August 2018 

j) Rossouw AC1 Stroke Care in Africa: Progress update, European Stroke Organisation’s Middle East Turkey and Africa (META) Regional meeting, Dubai. May 2018 

k) Rossouw AC1 Acute stroke therapies (thrombolysis) in the Eastern Cape South Africa: A work in progress, Emergency Medicine Services of South Africa and Emergency Care Society of South Africa Conference, Gauteng. October 2017 

l) Rossouw AC1 Stroke care services in South Africa, 3rd European Stroke Organisation’s Conference. Prague. May 2017 

m) Rossouw AC1 Acute stroke therapies (thrombolysis) in Eastern Cape South Africa, 5th Neurology Association of South Africa. March 2017 

n) Rossouw AC1 Integrated stroke care pathway in Eastern Cape South Africa, 4th Stroke Conference, Cape Town. November 2016 

o) Rossouw AC1 Barriers to the implementation of a stroke care pathway in Eastern Cape South Africa, 2nd European Stroke Organisation’s Conference. Barcelona Spain. May 2016 

p) Rossouw AC1, Bradshaw D, Groenewald P, Burger L, Nolijana B. Medical cause-of-death: to train or not to train?. Public Health Association of South Africa (PHASA) conference, Bloemfontein. September 2012 

q) Rossouw AC1, Carr J, Brink T, Morgan B, Thornton H, Butler J. Lipoid proteinosis and Epilepsy. Neurology Association of South Africa (NASA) Conference, Cape Town. March 2008 

Other publications include: 

a) Rossouw C Anastasia, Carr J, Butler J, Thompson H. Lipoid Proteinosis and Epilepsy: Phenotypic-, Electrophysiological-, Neuro-Imaging and Neuropathological findings in a patient population in Namaqualand, South Africa. South Afr Med J (article submitted). 

b) Oluwole G Oluwafemi, Kuivaniemi Helena, Abrahams Shameemah, Haylett L William, Voster A Alvera, Van Herden J Carel, Kenyon P Collin, Tabb L David, Fawale, B Michael, Sunmonu A Taofi, Ajose Abiodun, Olaogun O Matthew, Rossouw C Anastasia, van Hillegondsberg S Ludo, Carr Jonathan, Ross A Owen, Komolafe A Morenikej, Tromp Gerard, Bardien Soraya. Targeted next generation sequencing identifies novel variants in candidate genes for Parkinson’s Disease in black South African and Nigerian patients. Frontiers in Genetics 2019, access at 

c) Victoria Pillay-van Wyk, William Msemburi, Ria Laubscher, Rob E Dorrington, Pam Groenewald, Tracy Glass Beatrice Nojilana, Jané D Joubert, Richard Matzopoulos, Megan Prinsloo, Nadine Nannan, Nomonde Gwebushe, Theo Vos, Nontuthuzelo Somdyala, Nomfuneko Sithole, Ian Neethling, Edward Nicol, Anastasia Rossouw, Debbie Bradshaw. Mortality trends and differentials in South Africa, 1997-2012. Lancet Global Health 2016; 4:642-653 

d) E H Burger, P Groenewald, A Rossouw, D Bradshaw. Medical certification of death in South Africa – moving forward. South African Medical Journal 2015;105(1):27-30 

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