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WSO Board 2018-2020

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On the 29th of October 2006 at the World Stroke Congress in Cape Town, the International Stroke Society and the World Stroke Federation (WSF), the two lead organizations representing stroke globally, merged to form the new body World Stroke Organization. After considerable discussion, both boards agreed that there was a need to have stroke represented with a single voice. It was also appreciated by all that there needed to be a broadbased representation from professional individuals as well as professional and stroke support organizations. The International Stroke Society was established in 1989. The ISS, which was initially mainly formed by individual members, opened its association to professional societies. The World Stroke Federation was formed in June 2004. It was formed from professional and stroke support organizations.


WSO Executive Committee Members

President - Michael Brainin (Austria)

President-Elect - Marc Fisher (USA)

Vice-President for SSOs - Sheila Martins (Brazil)

Vice-President - Jeyaraj Pandian (India) 

Immediate Past-President - Werner Hacke (Germany)

Treasurer - Bernard Yan (Australia)

Secretary - Pooja Khatri (USA)

Members at Large - Valery Feigin (New Zealand)

Member at large - Patrice Lindsay (Canada)

Members at large - Ralph Sacco (USA) 

Ex-officio Member - Bo Norrving, Chair of Global Policy Committee

Ex-officio Member - Geoffrey Donnan, Editor of IJS
Ex-officio Member - Stephen Davis, Past President 

WSO Board of Directors

Individual members

Sub-Sahara Africa, Middle East/East Mediterranean

Foad Abd-Allah, Egypt

Natan Bornstein, Israel 

Ad Adams Ebenezer, Ghana 

Gloria Ekeng, Nigeria

Mehdi Farhoudi, Iran

Abayomi Ogun, Nigeria


Argye Hillis, USA 

Pooja Khatri, USA 

David Liebeskind, USA

Michelle Nelson, Canada

Claudio Sacks, Chile 

Gisele Silva, Brazil 


Philip Bath, UK

Stephanie Debette, France 

Kennedy Lees, UK

Atte Meretoja, Finland

Else Charlotte Sandset, Norway

Joanna Wardlaw, UK


Craig Anderson, Australia 

Julie Bernhardt, Australia

Epifania Collantes, Philippines

Deidre de Silva, Singapore 

Valery Feigin, New Zealand

Keun Hwa-Jung, South Korea

Kazuo Kitagawa, Japan

Jeyaraj Pandian, India

Anna Ranta, New Zealand 

Norihiro Suzuki, Japan

Society members

Scientific Societies

Gabriel Rodriguez de Freitas - Brazilian Stroke Society

Vida Demarin - Central and Eastern European Stroke Society

Jose Ferro - European Stroke Organization

Gord Gubitz - Canadian Stroke Consortium

Teruyuki Hirano - Japan Stroke Society 

Jong Sung Kim - Korean Stroke Society 

Patrik Michel - Swiss Stroke Society

Ralph Sacco - American Stroke Association

Roland Veltkamp - German Stroke Society 

Yongjun Wang - Chinese Stroke Association 

Bernard Yan - Stroke Society of Australasia 

Stroke Support Societies 

Mary Kay Ballasiotes - International Alliance for Pediatric Stroke 

Jon Barrick - Stroke Alliance For Europe

Juliet Bouverie - UK Stroke Association

Amy Edmunds - YoungStroke.Inc

Patrice Lindsay - Heart and Stroke Foundation

Sheila Cristina Ouriques Martins - Brazilian Stroke Network

Sharon McGowan - Stroke Foundation, Australia

Pamela Naidoo - Heart and Stroke Foundation South Africa 

George Scola - The Stroke Survivors Foundation

Haruko Yamamoto - Japan Stroke Association 


Co-opted members

Liping Liu - China


WSO Immediate Past-President

Werner Hacke (Germany) 2016-2018

WSO Past-President

H.J.M. BARNETT (Canada) 1989-1992
W.-D HEISS (Germany) 1992-1996
Fumio GOTOH (Japan) 1996-2000
James F. TOOLE (USA) 2000-2004
Julien BOGOUSSLAVSKY (Switzerland) 2004-2005
Takenori YAMAGUCHI (Japan) 2005-2006

Geoffrey A. Donnan (Australia)


Bo Norrving (Sweden) 2008-2012
Stephen Davis (Australia) 2012-2016

WSF Past-President

Antonio CULEBRAS (USA) 2004-2006




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