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Welcome to the World Stroke Academy


The World Stroke Academy (WSA) is the elearning portal for the World Stroke Organization. It provides stroke information on a dynamic, and award winning, online, e-learning platform for healthcare professionals with an aim to alleviate the global burden of stroke through the education of stroke practitioners world wide.



We are pleased to announce that the World Stroke Academy is upgrading, with our new state-of-the-art platform we will continue to reach out to the global stroke community.

To access the new World Stroke Academy portal, please click here


Four reasons for our success:


  • With an award winning e-learning platform we will satisfy the expectations of stroke physicians globally. The use of multiple media will facilitate our educational aims.
  • The WSA will meet the evidence-based and best practice educational needs and expectations of the WSO membership.
  • Additionally, we are developing ground breaking, innovative ways to engage with societies, stakeholders and scientists.
  • The WSA is led by a team of experts in stroke and education chaired by world leader in stroke, Prof. Michael Brainin.


WSO Education Committee

WSA Editorial Board